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How do I stick my new Fantastick wall stickers to my chosen surface?

Your decal is made of long-lasting fade resistant, 3 - 5 year guaranteed vinyl. This product works best on a SMOOTH surface and we do not recommend sticking them on rough walls. It can be more easily removed when heated with a hair dryer, but cannot be reused.

Please note that only some of the stickers have transfer tape /application sheet on as it is not necessary with the peel and stick designs.

With all our decals, there are no background and the surface it is applies to, will show through. Think of your vinyl stickers in 3D. Your sticker comes in 3 layers.

  1. Top layer - Transfer tape (this will not be supplied for peel and stick packets)
  2. Middle layer - Vinyl
  3. Bottom layer - Backing paper
    How To Stick

Applying your stickers to a wall:

  1. Wipe your surface with a dry cloth and sand down any rough areas.
  2. You can cut your design in smaller pieces to make it easier to stick or arrange as some designs have been arranged to fit on the sheet and are not correctly positioned.
  3. If application sheet is supplied, remove the backing paper so that the stickers are stuck to the transparent sheet. Flip the decal sheet around and slowly peel off the bottom layer. Best working from one corner to the opposite corner at an angle. If the decal wants to stick to the backing paper, slowly manipulate the bottom layer to help the decal to stick to the transfer tape.
  4. Use a ruler/spirit level to determine the precise position on your wall.
  5. Position your sticker according to your markers on the wall.
  6. Working from top to bottom, using a credit/bank card to gently push the sticker down while softly pushing the air pockets to the closest border.
  7. For larger pieces use soapy water to wet the whole sticker as well as the wall & apply while wet. This will allow you to move it until you’re happy with the position.
  8. When you are happy take a soft cloth and wipe the whole sticker down.
  9. Love your stickers!! Rub it down every now and then until the glue has settled.

Removing your stickers:

  • When removing the sticker, using a hair dryer to heat up the vinyl will make it easier
  • Keep the hair dryer about 10cm away while blowing on the part you are removing.

Applying your stickers to glass & very smooth surfaces:

  1. Follow instructions on standard Vinyl sticker application up to the removal of the backing paper. (Please note that we don't apply application sheet to chalkboard vinyl.)
  2. Spray the sticky side of your vinyl with a mixture of water and a few drops of either dishwashing liquid or baby shampoo and wet thoroughly. A fine misty type spray nozzle is best.
  3. Then spray the glass or area that you are going to apply the vinyl to, as well. Do not be afraid of wetting your vinyl too much.
  4. Apply the vinyl onto the wet area. Move it around until you are happy with the position.
  5. Start from the top centre and wipe all excess water away until all bubbles and creases are smooth. A bank card works well.
  6. Leave the application sheet on the vinyl for at least a couple of hours (overnight is best) before removing it. Once removed you can clean the residue carefully with a soft rag.

> Click here to download step-by-step instructions <

What surfaces will the wall decals adhere to?

Our vinyl sticks to most smooth, clean & dry surfaces. Customers have decorated a number of surfaces with success. These include: smooth walls, cupboards, fridges, glass & mirrors, cars, laptop covers, tiles, etc.

Does the sticker adhere to any type of paint?

Our stickers stick well on both enamel and acrylic paint. The smoothness of the surface is the most important.

All our vinyl stickers are made from 3-5 year guaranteed, quality vinyl. This can be used in wet and dry areas and should not fade or damage.

Fantastick does not recommend using our products on Rhyolite walls or dry walling as this will damage the paint once the vinyl’s are removed.

Wait at least 2 weeks before applying your stickers to newly painted walls as the chemicals will damage the vinyl.

How do I order your products online?

  1. Browse through our extensive range of beautiful wall décor until you find what you need.
  2. Select your wall décor and add to basket. Make sure you specify the correct colour and quantity.
  3. You will now be required to enter all your contact and delivery details. (We do not save your credit card details and we use secure servers for all online transactions. Your personal information is regarded as strictly confidential.)
  4. Choose your payment option - Pay with your credit card or via bank transfer (EFT)
  5. If you chose the EFT option, you will be taken to an order confirmation screen. This will supply your order number as well as the banking details you have to make your deposit to.
  6. You will also receive an email confirmation with all the relevant details.
  7. If you choose the credit card option you will be redirected to a secure VCS page where you will be asked to enter your credit details.
  8. On enter you will be taken to a 3D secure page where the bank will verify your card and supply you with a one-time pin.
  9. Once this is completed you will be taken to an order confirmation screen.
  10. You will also receive an email confirmation with all the relevant details.
  11. We dispatch (in RSA) within 3-5 working days @ R79 incl. VAT per order. 
  12. You have the option of delivery via courier (during working hours 8am - 4pm) or post.
  13. Need help – call us on 012 667 3109 or email

How long will it take?

We keep stock of all our products and should have your order ready to be dispatched by the time we receive your order/payment. If you live in a city or major town and you've supplied a physical address, your delivery should take 1 - 2 days. Courier delivery to all smaller towns should take 2 - 3 days. If you have opted for postal delivery you should receive it within 5 - 7 working days.

How do I return my stickers?

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If for any reason you’re not, you may return items purchased online to the Fantastick office for a full refund, replacement or exchange, provided the items are returned in their original packaging and condition within 60 days of purchase. Gift vouchers purchased will not be refunded.

  1. Send us an email to or phone us on 012 667 3109 to arrange a refund or exchange.
  2. You are welcome to either bring your products back to our head office or send it via the post office.
  3. We will refund/exchange your product as soon as we’ve received the package in its original condition.
  4. Your refund will be paid via EFT into a cheque/savings account.

How do I choose the vinyl colours?

> Click here to view our Colour chart <

Please keep in mind that the colours might not display 100% correct on your screen and may differ from the actual colours. This is just to give you an idea. Also keep in mind that all these colours are not always available due to it being imported.

How to get involved in selling the Fantastick products?

Please have a look at our business opportunities page and then contact us. You are also welcome to contact us via email –

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